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Have you ever wanted to work in an art gallery? Now you can! Explore exhibitions, inspire young artists, clean the walls, organize and store stuff, serve visitors, and experience the uncomfortable sensation of job precarity and financial uncertainty.

EXHIBITION BY INSTITUTION is a first-person art gallery simulator. The premise is inspired by tasks required of entry-level gallery employees, such as cleaning, teaching, organizing supplies, and serving visitors. These chores progress from being realistic to poetic, invoking the sensation of precarity imposed by the neoliberal funding structures that cause persistent job insecurity in the arts and culture sector. 

This three-dimensional environmental narrative is created through a process of mapping personal memories and experiences of working in a small regional gallery, transposing and appropriating an existing organization (Nanaimo Art Gallery) in Nanaimo, BC as a way of exploring of space.


Project website:


August 6th, 2021

- An installer has been added on the Windows version.

- A Mac version has been added to the page, however I would still recommend playing on PC if the option is available due to installation and performance issues.

July 3rd, 2021

The project has expanded from a simple digital gallery space to a short simulator with a narrative.  

Known bugs:

- If you start or resume the game by pressing the "start" or "resume" icons in the main menu and the pause menu with the mouse button, than the curser may hang over the screen and inhibit navigation with the mouse.  Simply press the pause button, "P" or "Esc" twice to pause and un-pause the game.   

- UI elements do not scale correctly on some Mac versions.

Install instructions

Simply download the game and install.

If you click on the installer and get a prompt that says "Windows protected you PC", press "More info" and select " Run anyway.  The reason why it pops up is because the game (namely the publisher) is not recognized by Windows.

- Go to downloads and place the downloaded Zip file onto the desktop, then double click and extract the contents

- Right click on the extracted file and select "Show Package Contents"

- Select the "Contents" folder, than go into the "Mac OS" folder, inside there should be a be a file called "SoaE-Mac-Shipping" (We'll come back to that shortly)

- Next open a new finder window, go to applications, go to utilities, and select "Terminal" (It's basically Microsoft's version of the command console)

- on the bottom type (without quotations) "Chmod +x " press space again, and then drag the "SoaE-Mac-Shipping" file at the end of the command line and press Enter.  

- Go back to finder and look for the file we  extracted earlier, right click and select open.  This has to be done on the finder, it will not work if you do this directly on the desktop.

If you were having trouble following along, here is a short video I found on Youtube that explains the process:

The reason the Mac version is requires more steps to use is because of the Mac's security measures.  Since this game is not registered in the IOS store, the program is not identifiable to the OS, meaning that you can't open programs unless it is approved by Apple.  As is often mentioned in Apple's marketing, Apple products are generally more secure, at the cost of gatekeeping.


ExhibitionByInstitution_MAC.app.zip 707 MB
ExhibitionByInstitution_Installer.exe 696 MB

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